Chad Weider

San Francisco, CA

Looking For…

I’m a pragmatic, classically trained software engineer with a flair for design looking to put myself to work creating meaningful software that people want to use.


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC)
Bachelor of Science in Engineering – May 2008
Major: Computer Science
Minor: Mathematics, Business
Certificate in Technology Entrepreneurship


Programming Languages
Javascript = C = Obj-C > Python = Ruby > SmallTalk > Perl > OCaml > Java > C++
Design Tools
Photoshop, Illustrator
Web/DHTML/AJAX, UI/Usability, Application programming, Systems programming, Framework design


Personal Projects (always)
See Detailed Descriptions Below
Yammer Inc. (2010-2012)
  • Engineer on the Platform team, later reorganized into the Web team. Throughout I worked across teams and environments in all aspects of the application.

    • Security: sandboxing JS+HTML+CSS, finding/fixing XSS vulnerabilities, sanitization of HTML+CSS, salts, signatures, etc.
    • Implementation of Yammer’s Open-Graph API (full-stack).
    • Implementation of activity streams (from API to individual items).
    • Server-side JS in support of development, platform applications, and etherpad-lite.
    • Files: redesign document preview interface, unification of message attachment layout (interface + implementation).
    • Resident Git expert.
Slide Inc. (2008-2010)
  • 03/10-05/10: Tech lead for Social Star, a social role playing game. Took responsibility for bringing externally developed application up to shippable standards by release date.

  • 09/09-03/10: Engineer on SuperPocus. Project was an exercise in rapid development, it was built (in collaboration with a sister application) from scratch and shipped in 3 months, then heavily iterated on thereafter.

    • Built and maintained reusable components shared between several (3) applications.
    • Implemented features all the way through the stack.
    • Demonstrated ability to use patterns judiciously and to refactor pragmatically.
  • 09/09-09/09: Designer, programmer, and resident front-end expert for FunSpace, a Facebook media sharing application. Entailed work from controller layer on up (Python to the usual HTML/CSS/JS).

    • Full implementation of A/B tests and other types of logging.
    • Intricacies of Facebook app development.
    • Collaboration with PM in design of new features.
Internships (Summers 2005-2007)


I prefer to not place these contacts’ information on this publicly available page, but ask, and I will provide their details.

Personal Projects

Here is a sampling of different projects that I’ve done by myself, with friends, or otherwise outside of work. You can also find the source these and other personal projects of mine at or


A glossy PDF with some of the graphic and UI design I’ve done can be found at